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Tello welcomes People's Operator customers

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Use code: TPO

Get your discount for the first month, with any phone plan. What's great is that you can build your own phone plan between $5 and $39.

Compare Tello to People's Operator

We do things differently. Not only do we have a great 24/7 human Customer Service & no fees whatsoever, but there are a few other features that set Tello apart from People's Operator.

Tello TPO
Custom plans between $5 - $39 Yes No
Talk & Text only plans Yes No
Free Unlimited Text Yes higher value plans
Calls to MX, CA & CH included Yes No
Free tethering Yes No
Status Alive and kicking! Closing

I like it, where do I start?

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Port-in your number to Tello

It's quick and easy, just follow these steps:

  1. Get your port-out details from the account you have with your current carrier: account number, PIN/password, name and address
  2. Go to the Bring Your Own Phone page and enter your ESN/IMEI/MEID code
  3. If you have already a CDMA SIM, enter the SIM number and click "Check". If not, you can order your CDMA SIM here.
  4. Enter the phone number you wish to keep, then the details from Step 1, and click 'Continue'

That's it! Your port-in will be approved as soon as possible.

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Sounds pretty good, right?