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  • No contract, no fees
  • Flexible plans from $5 to $39
  • Unlimited text in any plan
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Plan big, pay little!

Combine US calls & 4G LTE data as you want. Plus, calls to Canada, Mexico & China are included. You can have a 2 GB plan, or talk & text only

Build your own plan

Change is good.
Even for your phone

Start fresh with a brand new phone, we’ll ship it for free.


Or bring your own phone.
It’s up to you!

Check if your phone is compatible and enrol it.

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Stay in control with
Pay As You Go

Say hello to your auntie in London or call your friends over for a pizza. Use Pay As You Go for international calls, along with US calls, texts and data.

Enjoy these crazy low rates

US calls 3¢/min
US texts 1¢/SMS
US data 2¢/MB
China 3¢/min
India 3¢/min
Cuba 65¢/min