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We’d Like To Meet Your Friends

You bring your friends, we bring the benefits

Introduce a friend to Tello & our awesome phone plans and you both win $10 Tello Dollars.

Refer a friend

Spread the Tello love

If you are a Tello customer and loving it, tell your friends about our service and get rewarded.

Refer a friend with the unique link you have in your Dashboard and once he places a successful order, you both get $10 Tello Dollars.

Discover how our great referral program works

Log into your Tello account and find your referral link

Share it via email, Facebook or Twitter

Earn Tello Dollars & use them to pay your entire phone bill or to get a new phone

Frequently Asked Questions
The process is easy. You just need to share your referral link with your friends via email or social media and they need to open a Tello account. Once your friend places their first successful order, you get $10 Tello Dollars and they get $10 Tello Dollars. You can refer as many friends as you like.
You can use your Tello Dollars to make a purchase (plan, Pay As You Go Credit or a phone), once the amount of Tello Dollars is enough to pay for the entire invoice. No partial payments are allowed at the moment.
The Tello Dollars do not have a direct monetary value. Each Tello Dollar is equivalent to $1 account credit on Tello Mobile. The credit can be used to pay for the entire phone bill or to buy a phone.
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