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michael paulsen
March 21
I like Tello so far
I like Tello so far. This is my second month with them. Excellent Customer Service.
March 21
It works everywhere in NW Florida where…
It works everywhere in NW Florida where I live. Even inside Lowe's or Walmart. I don't use much data, but wifi. Price is best for the value. Both my wife and I are on Tello and very satisfied.
Joseph P. Bohner
March 21
Service is good except I don't like my…
Service is good except I don't like my crappy phone.
March 21
Great service superior prices!!!
Great service superior prices!!!! Thanks
Aman Jatoi
March 21
Great service
Great service
Rhea C.
March 21
great no data plan to use for kids when…
great no data plan to use for kids when you want to be able to reach them by text/voice, but u don't want them surfing the net.
Stanley Bottjen
March 21
This a very reliable and inexpensive…
This a very reliable and inexpensive service that provides exactly what I need. I am completely satisfied with their service.
Dan Thompson
March 20
Fantastic plans priced just right!
Fantastic plan. Perfect for those who don't require lots of data. Great service.
Margie Royal
March 20
Hassle free and more reasonably priced…
Hassle free and more reasonably priced for people on fixed incomes. My husband and I both have service with Tello and we are saving a noticeable amount monthly and the service is great. We are able to pick the plan we want with no pressure to buy anything or choose a more costly plan. Telio helped us decide what was a practical plan for our needs.
March 20
Great service
Great service, great support, great value
Michael B
March 19
I'm a new subscriber
I'm a new subscriber, but so far I think they're great. Site is easy to use, live person talks to you if you need help, lots of reasonable price plans... I'm happy!
J. Anderson
March 19
Great price and service!
We have had tello for almost a year and have never had any trouble with their service. We choose how much to spend and easily follow our usage on the tello app. We are saving $50 a month from our previous service.
Fred Kizu
March 19
Same coverage at 1/2 the price
Same coverage at 1/2 the price. What is not to like!!!
Paul G.
March 18
Low cost and great service
Low cost and great service. Excellent quality and reception.
March 18
This is great
This is great! Seriously... it's crazy cheap. It works for me as a low-end user, and looking at the plans for the higher priced/quality plans, I think whoever is reading this could benefit from using Tello. No problems that you'd expect with a cheap phone plan and, well, I'd switch over.
March 18
Very affordable
Very affordable, great service
Hailey Massey
March 18
the service is amazing and the quality…
the service is amazing and the quality of voice calls is great. 10/10
Ovidiu Hoarste
March 18
Absolutelly awsome !
Absolutelly awsome !
March 18
I've never had any problems and would…
I've never had any problems and would recommend tello to anyone with the same usage situation as myself.
Tracy Dimmick
March 17
Excellent!!!! Great customer service. Have recommended them to many friends.
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