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 	4.5 out of 5 ★
4.4 out of 5 based on 8919 reviews
 	5 out of 5 ★
September 30, 2022
Great custom plans
Great custom plans
 	5 out of 5 ★
Eva Drake
September 28, 2022
Thay has given me the most amazing…
Thay has given me the most amazing service ever when dealing with any mobile service. He was very kind and understanding and took every means possible to make sure that as a costumer I was very satisfied!
 	5 out of 5 ★
September 25, 2022
I absolutely love Tello
I absolutely love Tello. The prices are the very best, service is exceptional and they automatically bill me without me having to worry about it. I have recommended Tello to everyone I know… plus, some people I don’t know. Thank you
 	5 out of 5 ★
William Bulkley
September 24, 2022
Super Outstanding service
Outstanding service. Very patient people.
 	5 out of 5 ★
September 22, 2022
Order was processed well each time
Order was processed well each time, no complaints on that part, service is always available without disruptions, so 5-star overall. One problem though - the so-called fast data is actually quite slow most of the time compared to other family members' services, same time, same location, different providers.
 	5 out of 5 ★
Ngoc Them Do
September 20, 2022
I love the international service
I love the international service. I can keep in touch with friends even when I’m outside of the US.
 	5 out of 5 ★
September 20, 2022
esim is easy to get
It was easy and efficient to get my esim
 	5 out of 5 ★
Sandra Schubert
September 17, 2022
works good
good service
 	5 out of 5 ★
Darye HSU
September 15, 2022
Simple and reliable.
Simple and reliable.
 	5 out of 5 ★
mark justice
September 15, 2022
Inexpensive and dependable
Inexpensive and dependable
 	4 out of 5 ★
James Lodato
September 13, 2022
We travel to Europe and it would be…
We travel to Europe and it would be great to have voice/text service.
 	5 out of 5 ★
Leonid Beregovski
September 11, 2022
The best mobile Company
I have very good experience with Tello Mobile.
 	4 out of 5 ★
Felix Cooper
September 10, 2022
A great service with one minor draw back!
I'm a new member to Tello phone service for three months now and no real complaints. I was formerly on Tracfone and had that service for 8 years. I was happy with it but a few months ago they told me my phone was no longer compatible with their service and I had to buy a new phone, but I DID buy a new phone a few months prior to that because my old phone wasn't compatible with VOLTE and made sure the phone I had was compatible with Tracfone before buying it. However, for some reason that changed once again a few months later and decided to just look for a new service, one comparable with both prices and convenience. Fortunately I found Tello and I couldn't be happier. For starters, the service is actually cheaper than Tracfone but have a higher allotment of minutes and data for a lesser price. I was already sold on the idea of paying less for more. Who wouldn't? But I also love the ease of switching plans. With Tracffone (and I assume most plans) there are set plans that range from $10-200 which I liked. And you can change plans any time. But with Tello, you can prioritize what you want in terms to minutes and data or ala carte! There is a selection of minutes from 100 to unlimited and data plans from 500 mb to unlimited and can swap whatever you want with very affordable prices. All texting is unlimited with every plan as long as you add a minimum amount of minutes to your plan. And its all done via their app which is very easy and convenient. I started with a $14 plan that gives me unlimited calls and 2 GB data and for me, it's all I need. This month I decided to just pay $10 for a plan because I still haven't used all my data from the last two months and only needed 1 GB extra and still comes with unlimited minutes (which I also don't need but the prices are so negligible might as well get it). But more on this later. I was also able to keep my old number. There are a few instructions on how to switch it over (which are detailed from their site and have to call your old service for a code) but it was painless. The time range to port your number is anywhere from 20 minutes to 6 days. I read some got their number turned on in minutes. It took me 7 hours but no complaints at all. I was just happy to keep it after having it for nearly a decade now. As far as phone quality, it's flawless. Tello is on the T-mobile network and I live in Los Angeles so I don't have to worry about having strong service in general living in a big city with towers everywhere. If you live in a more rural area, you may have to do more research but its perfect for me. Not a single dropped call so far and fast internet speeds when I do use my data. The service has been great so far. The app is so easy to use. Very convenient and a god interface. They make it very easy to switch or pay for a plan. Lastly, NO HIDDEN FEES! All you pay for is the state tax. So if you buy a plan that is $10, its TEN DOLLARS minus the tax. I paid $10.42 total for my current service plan. No extra dollars tacked on to your bill like a lot most services INCLUDING Tracfone. Getting to why my review is four stars and not five is only due to one issue and that is your data and minutes doesn't automatically carry over month to month. You can keep everything you don't use the previous month, but you have to buy the next plan manually. In other words, when your month is up and the app automatically renew your plan it will erase any data or minutes you already accrued. With Tracfone, everything carried over automatically so never had to worry (the one positive over Tello). If you're using their highest plan with unlimited minutes or data, it doesn't matter. But for me who is only paying a little for data, I want to keep whatever I don't use. But it hasn't been a problem, I haven't forgotten (and you can get an email reminding you they will charge you 48 hours before your next payment. It's a good way to keep track if you want to pay manually every month and not great at remembering the next service date). It's not a huge issue and if I could give them four and a half stars instead of just four I would; but the system isn't designed that way. But that's the only draw back I have but I think everyone should know that if they are coming from a service where everything carried over or isn't on an unlimited plan. But Tello is great! Fortunately I haven't needed to use their customer service yet so I can't review that but based on other reviews I know its very good (and 24 hours which Tracfone wasn't). They also have free calls to 60 countries like Mexico and Canada I haven't needed to use, but nice its there. And also services like wi-fi calling and can turn your phone into a hot spots if you need it. So if you're looking for a service that gives you great options and payment plans between $5-29 with a strong selection of minutes and data you can change at ease, I highly recommend Tello
 	5 out of 5 ★
September 4, 2022
The Best Service Ever!
Tello offers the best service at the lowest price possible! I've been a customer for some time now, and they offer great coverage. I got speeds up to 150 Mbps using my iPhone 6S! Thanks a lot, Tello!
 	4 out of 5 ★
September 3, 2022
Very good indeed.
Very good indeed.
 	5 out of 5 ★
Merli Reyes
August 31, 2022
Fast and easy to use. Different plans to choose from and more convenient for me. Automatic payments and just makes life easier. Definitely recommend!!
 	4 out of 5 ★
willow J
August 30, 2022
I love Tello
I love Tello. As an elderly with fixed income, this is nearly perfect for me. My cell phone is usually set on Wi-Fi, that you can do a lot at home (although I don't spend much time on calling or texting) it is very convenient just for the basics through my internet service. But that being said, if you have electric outage, the data could go REAL fast. I live in Houston; we have had electric outages 3 times last month. (There’re so many storms during the season. As of now I can hear thunders, lightening outside) I tried to buy additional Data coverage when emergency occurs. Only to know later that $20 was just for texts and minutes (NO data) their website does not explain that at all. My plan already has unlimited min and texts, why do I need more of that?! You learn your lesson by spending $$. I hope Tello will someday add this service like other companies do. Then it would be perfecter. Lol! I gave 4 stars! Thanks!
 	5 out of 5 ★
Terri L.
August 29, 2022
TELLO deserves 5 stars
I sincerely hope you continue to receive 5 star ratings. You deserve it. I went through 2 telephone carriers with the same issues that I brought with me to Tello. I am an old woman that has very little tech experience. I have an Alcatel that was released in 2017, and I purchased in 2018. It does have volte and it has been a great phone. The issues started with the Sprint towers coming down. I had a carrier for years before this and no problems. When the towers came down I tried to work with the change but nothing worked at all. After a month I looked for another carrier and also experienced the same things. I paid for 2 months this time and no one could help me, no one would listen. My issues have been terrible reception, spotty coverage for texts and no incoming telephone calls. All I have kept hearing for the last 2 months+ is "reset your network settings" and "restart your phone". How many times a day should you have to restart a phone? BUT, TELLO has been different, I only had to tell them once that I had already done that with "Kevin" (who deserves 5 stars!) and they immediately moved on to something else, KUDOS to TELLO!!!!! FANTASTIC CUSTOMER SERVICE. Thank you OSCAR!!! Thank you SERGIO!!! Anyone that is having issues and no one will listen needs to go to TELLO. THANK YOU!
 	5 out of 5 ★
Ben Lu
August 27, 2022
port in issue
Just having customer support from the US is worth 5 stars! I just had a simple port in issue that was quickly resolved once I had the right information.
 	5 out of 5 ★
Jean Chugg
August 23, 2022
I love my tello service
I love my tello service. The only complaint I have is I have to remember to roll over my minutes before my bill is do or I lose them. Other than their service is outstanding.
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