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January 17
Easy and fast to change my plan; just needed to drop down my minutes and it took no time at all!!!
January 16
Good Service
Very reasonable price and excellent service.
Leonid Alperovich
January 15
Good service.
I like your service so far. Good customer support, user friendly site.
Angelo Rossi
January 15
Equipment problem, excellence service
Patti M.
January 14
Effortless, reasonable and reliable
What more can you ask for?
Dessa Waldo
January 14
Tello is awesome.
My daughter lost her phone. They refunded my account with no problems. Anytime I have had a question, they respond immediately.
John L
January 12
Became tired of another Company
And went with Tello---I couldn't be happier. Customer Service answers immediately and always clears up what is usually My not knowing what to do. Kudos to their whole team. AAA+++
January 10
Great customer service!
The service is courteous and fast. I've had no problems with reception or dropped calls or anything like that.
January 7
Amazed with customer service
I signed up four lines with Tello last month and have been more than happy with both the cell service and the customer service. Having come from RingPlus, I am very excited about the lack of fees and not having to worry about insane terms of service. Just last night, Tello customer service let me combine the balance of two lines into one and moved the phone number that I wanted to keep to the phone that I wanted to keep. Simple things like this aren't very common practice in this business and I am very happy to be a Tello customer and look forward to maintaining this relationship well into the future. This is by far the best pay as you go or pre pay service you will find. Look no further.
January 4
Flexible plans with no contract.
I had a very good experience with Tello until now. I hope I continue to do the same in the future. 1. There is no contract 2. The plans are flexible and changeable any time. 3. There is a pay as you go option for any excesses. 4. The coverage seems to be good in all the places that I travel to.
Winston Byfield
January 4
great great
great great phone plan
John H.
January 4
Tello Wireless
Very good pay-as-you-go rates. The customer service is great.
karl d. - Seattle
January 3
Not a single issue in the 3 months of service!
I have had this service since November and all texts and phone calls have gone through without a delay or dropped call. Also the internet has worked without waiting forever for pages to load. Picking your own plan to fit your budget is the best feature I'm needing right now so Tello gets five stars from me!
Rodney Hutton
January 3
Customer service.
The call was answered quickly. The problem was resolved within ten minutes. I was very happy with the service.
December 28
The service is so intuitive, I have …
The service is so intuitive, I have not had any reason to contact Tello. Good company. A colleague wants to switch, so I sent him a link to your site. BTW is Tello on the stock market?
mary fig
December 27
Love this service! only one I use-costs me less than $3 amonth!!
...I can easily control my spending by just using wifi most of the time with my Google hangouts account. Great combination !!
Jeanne Grover
December 26
Very easy to change my phone. The experience was way easier than I have ever experienced with any company before. And the price is amazing! Thank you Tello!
Very easy to change my phone. The experience was way easier than I have ever experienced with any company before. And the price is amazing! Thank you Tello!
Drew Whitehead
December 25
Excellent service
I wanted to provide a phone for my child, but didn't want to pay the 50$ a month for it. She is young and only needs very limited service. Tello uses the same towers and provides the same service as what I'm paying insane prices for now. Once my contract is up, my entire family is coming over. I love the flexibility of the plans and how great the website works for keeping tabs on my child's usage and also swapping out equipment. I was super hesitant about opening a line, but with no contracts and an existing device and SIM card, I had nothing to lose. I'm glad I did. I tell everyone about Tello!
December 24
Convenient, Affordable, Personable
I love tello! They have convenient plans that work around my lifestyle and that I can change at any time. Adding new phones or changing plans is hassle free, and service representatives are always available- no pressing buttons while answering a machine. I can build my own plan to suit my data, calling, and texting needs, and it doesn't cost me anything to switch to a plan with different amounts of data, minutes, etc. The service is the same as Sprint was had when I used them, which is great for my area. Glad to have this company for my cell phone needs.
samir soni
December 23
Tello service
Best service forever! Nice Connection to local and overseas! Suggest to add 'text message' options into' tello' app so customer can use 'Tello' app as a good convenience.