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Joe Black
August 17
Reception is spotty sometimes on my …
Reception is spotty sometimes on my wife's LG Stylo phone.
Aaron Herbert
August 16
I am super happy with Tello
I am super happy with Tello. Great rates, great coverage. I am thrilled.
Jon Doe
August 16
Excellent value and customer service! If you have Sprint service wherever you use your phone, this is for you. I couldn't be happier.
Careful Consumer
August 16
Would be 5 stars if the purchased data …
Would be 5 stars if the purchased data and minutes did not expire.
Kay Lou
August 16
Tello is the Best, Flip Phones over Smart
For the price of cheap and customizable service, and what seems to be the last real provider for flip phones, Tello is amazing. I love it, and will use it for as long as it's still avaliable. I'm 21 but use a flip phone instead of a smart phone because some people are, and always will be, Old school.
August 16
very nice response.
very nice response.
liba schon
August 15
tello improvement
good rates excellent costumer service and so on
Kevin T
August 15
Tello, A Great Choice
Tello truly is a great choice for affordable plans, excellent service, and abundance of phone choices for customers. Tello customer services genuinely care about their clients and want to do their best to help. I say this with confidence after 3 calls to their CS.
August 14
Far superior to other carriers, like AT&T or T-Mobile
A carrier I actually like—AMAZING! I pay $9.89/mo, including taxes. My only complaint was having to pay $10 for a SIM, not realizing any Apple store will give me any iPhone SIM I need, for free. Whoops! AT&T and T-Mobile prepaid/pay-as-you-go plans all have serious shortcomings. Other carriers weren't even worth trying based upon their own descriptions of service. Tello even let me turn off voicemail—nobody else would. With voicemail activated, there's no way to avoid being charged for telemarketing calls, wrong numbers, and other annoying calls. Without voicemail, I get the satisfaction of letting the phone just ring. If anyone I know needs to leave me a message, they can send me a text or an email. Voicemail is so 20th Century! As an added bonus, I have a stronger signal in my home with Tello than with either AT&T or T-Mobile. Tello uses excess capacity on Sprint's CDMA network, and where I live that's a good thing!
Fred Bilodeau
August 14
The service, customer service is the best …
The service has been wonderful and their customer service is the best I have ever experienced. Also the price can not be beat. Happy Happy Happy. Fred
Charles H.
August 13
Unlike other service carriers
Unlike other service carriers, I was always able to quickly reach knowledgeable customers service representatives assistants to help make changes or resolve issues. A+
August 13
My service works great
My service works great. I have no complaints at all. Thank you Tello.com!
Monique Schneer
August 13
completely satisfied
completely satisfied
eduardo espinosa
August 12
Tello is a 5+ stars service...
Tello.com is not 5 stars because, IMO, I had to ask for something I had the right to receive w/out the asking. But, all in all, the service is 5+ stars.
BC Pratt
August 12
Service is great
Service is great! It is easy to add minutes. And if you minutes, text or data left when add, it adds what you pay on to it. My best service i have had
August 12
Very good
No problems. Great customer service.
Linda Peavy
August 12
Lowest cost
Lowest cost. It doesn't get better than this. For those of us who are getting off of the smartphone teet, and want to use just voice and text, here's your cell service. On Sprint's CDMA network, you can check your phone for compatibility on Tello.com. Count me a loyal customer here to stay. Why pay more?
Arthuur Mogilefsky
August 11
Switched to Tello from Consumer …
Switched to Tello from Consumer Cellular. Tello offers a better price for more time and data. I have called their customer service a few times and they answer the phone on the first or second ring. It is too early to tell if this type of excellent experience will continue. I hope it will.
Peter Kraus
August 11
Best $12.76 I spend every month
200 min. talk, 200 texts and 200MB for $12.76 per month is an unbeatable deal. For cents a day, I can always be reached -- and calls are clear, go through quickly and my old iPhone 4S has never been this happy.
Happy Customer
August 5
Great mobile phone provider
I love the custom phone plan that Tello provides