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Join Tello, the only 5 star wireless carrier

tello.com is the only 5 star wireless carrier,
thanks to more than 4,900 positive reviews from
our customers, who appreciate us for:
  • Amazing customer service
  • Easily customizable plans
  • Pure freedom
  • Big savings
  • Reliable service

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based on 4916 reviews
Mrs Kaz
August 20
Tello is a great find.
tello provides great service for an even greater price. My cell signal seems weaker but I am willing to deal with it.
carlos n
August 20
Awesome plans easy activating
Great website easy instructions on activating my old Sprint smartphone.the prices are great too.
William Niemann
August 19
Tello works perfectly for our phone usePerfect
Tello works perfectly for our phone use
Melvin Conley
August 19
Best service I have every had
Best service I have every had. Save Easy $20 per month over brand X.
Russ in San Jose
August 19
Best Sprint MVNO out there
I've been through 4 MVNO's in 5 years. They either went out of business, had "creeping charges" that increased over time, changed their plans around mid-stream, etc. Tello has been the absolute best in quality, reliability, and cost. EZ to understand and monitor, no lost calls.. best Sprint MVNO out there. Two thumbs up. If I had another thumb, it would be 3 thumbs up.
Xuchen Liu
August 19
Great service!
Great service!
Melody Audette
August 19
I have all the service I need and for a…
I have all the service I need and for a good price.Very happy!:)
sam seelfreund
August 19
Great price great service
Great price great service
August 19
Excellent service
Excellent service, no issues whatsoever. Gave 4 stars because at present Tello does not support Roaming.
August 18
Excellent, affordable service, everyone should have this
August 18
Excellent customer service!
--- Edit 08/19/19 --- Customer services reached out, and fixed the problem in less than 24hrs. I now have LTE indoors/outdoors. All is good and I recommend Tello. --- Original review 08/18/19 --- Misleading coverage information before sign up I just signed up, and ported in my number from FreedomPop. The ordering process was easy, the port in process was also easy and fast (24hrs to port in a VoIP number!). My issue is that the coverage map is misleading. On the website It says I'd get 4G indoor and outdoor in my home address. As it turns out, I get 1x indoors and 3G outdoors. I live in an affluent neighborhood of a big city on the South East Coast, so there is no excuse for it to be this bad.
August 18
I have Great service with…
I have Great service with Tello!Unbeatable!!!
August 18
Glad I found Tello!
Tech Support is GREAT! Prices are the lowest from anywhere.
Jeanine Price
August 18
I have recommended you to my friends! They can't wait until their contacts expire. Thanks for helping people with low income. You are a blessing 🤗
I have recommended you to my friends,they can't wait till their contract expires. You are a blessing for the lower income who can't get government phones. Still can believe my monthly payments.l find myself double checking. Thank you guys.
gerry weber
August 18
really serves my needs
really serves my needs
Darlene Herrick
August 17
Tello has a very helpful
Tello has a very helpful, friendly, professional staff who respond promptly. I also like free upgrades to my account.
August 17
Quality service at a reasonable price
Quality service at a reasonable price. Extremely pleased!
Dung Pham
August 16
good and fast and cheap
good and fast and cheap
Edith Clinton
August 16
Your service is great and the price is…
Your service is great and the price is right THANK YOU TELLO
John Consiglio
August 15
Outstanding Customer Service Experience
First of all, I have several accounts with Tello. They're a great company and the service is excellent. The coverage is great as well. Customer service rep Carla helped me with an unlocking problem I had after I moved one number away from Tello. It was not even Tello's issue, yet she initiated a 3-way call and stayed on the phone for over an hour to help me out. She went above and beyond what is expected or required of a company. I would recommend Tello to anyone who wants affordable mobile phone service.
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