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Join Tello, the only 5 star wireless carrier

tello.com is the only 5 star wireless carrier,
thanks to more than 1000 positive reviews from
our customers, who appreciate us for:
  • Amazing customer service
  • Easily customizable plans
  • Pure freedom
  • Big savings
  • Reliable service

See what our customers say about us:

Based on 1615 reviews
March 19
Great Company
Amazing plan prices, great customer service, and I was able to bring my own phone! Overall great company!
Cathy Cody
March 18
It's a breath of fresh air to have a…
It's a breath of fresh air to have a company that actually does what they say and charge what they say thank you
WillyJack in Davis, California
March 18
I still struggle to believe how simple…
I still struggle to believe how simple and inexpensive it is to be a Tello customer... and the phone and data service works exactly the same as it did when I was paying Sprint 3 times as much for it. I also appreciate the fact that every phone is its own account and every month is a new contract - talk about hassle free! And it turns out that there's instant and competent support over the phone if you need it!!
Enrique Olivas
March 18
Affordable plans with the great…
Affordable plans with the great signal... I fully recommend TELLO for everyone!!!
March 17
Nice pricing, good service and simple website.
Great customer service...no long waits. Web site and/or app is easy to use to manage your account... not over complicated with frills - simple is nice today. Overall please with pricing, and l left Verizon.
Angel Kimball
March 17
I have stayed with Tello for a while…
I have stayed with Tello for a while now because not only is their service reliable & drama free but the cost is WAY more affordable than anything I've found. I truly LOVE Tello!!
Wieslaw Augustynski
March 17
Jim Macdonald
March 17
This is a really good service
This is a really good service. For $7 a month, I get all the service that I need for the first 3 months. Goes up to $10 after that. I have called them twice and their customer service is excellent. I opted for 100 minutes and they just pushed it up to 200. My only problem is that I don't think I can talk that much in a month. Oh well. Have to call Mom more. And I have 465 mb out of my 500 mb of data left. I will have to do a whole lot of something over the next week. Don't even look for another place or another plan. Come to Tello and save a lot of money.
Phill Gisel
March 17
Inexpensive with lots of different…
Inexpensive with lots of different plans to choose from. We use it for our kids emergency phone, but if you wanted a more robust plan I am sure they will have it. Coverage in our area has never been an issue. Overall very happy with our service.
Tim Den Hartog
March 17
Great service at so much less expensive…
Great service at so much less expensive than the others.
Clive Beddoe-Stephens
March 17
Great service
Great service, good web site, and saves a lot of money if you dom't use a cell phone a lot.
Stephanie K.
March 17
Tello has great customer service
Tello has great customer service! They answer the phone immediately, work on the issue, are mindful of not leaving you on hold for long, and follow up when they say they will. The pricing is great and they upgrade your plan for free without having to ask. I had a problem with my service and spoke to customer service many times to fix it and everyone I spoke with was both knowledgeable and kind. I do hope they fix their platform so you can have multiple accounts under the same email. That would be helpful for a family wanting many phones under Tello.
Alan Dyche
March 16
Great low-cost provider
As a provider of low-cost phone service: Tello rocks! My wife is suspicious of these providers but she has grown to appreciate it. As a website, it's easy to navigates etc. etc. etc.
March 16
Service great so far
Service great so far! Prices are also really good, especially Pay As You Go plan for limited users.
Cong Ly
March 16
I have been using " Tello.com " for…
I have been using " Tello.com " for one month. The signal for this line very good
Patrick russell
March 16
Love tello great service good price
Love tello great service good price
March 16
Great value and excellent service
I am a novice with the latest technology so it was a challenge for me understanding instructions on Tello's website. I ended up calling their customer service to get my wife and daughter's iPhones transferred over to Tello. Talked to four different associates on 4 occasions. Each one understood the issue immediately and knew the remedy in short order. They were courteous, patient despite my impatience, and communicated remedies in a way that even I could understand. Am 64 years of age and am conditioned to be pessimistic dealing with businesses over past 9 years but the folks at Tello have taught me there is "hope". Smile. Very good work Tello.
Lexxi Frostad
March 15
You can’t beat Tello prices
I love Tello and the prices I get from it. I only have to pay for the amount of minutes, texting, and data that’s right for me and if I have any extra data it rolls over into the next month! They make sure that I’m getting EVERY penny’s worth, which is something I have ONLY found at Tello. My phone bill is only $15/month! For a broke high schooler like me, that’s amazing!
Shawn Remely
March 15
Great price and no issues
Great price and no issues! Highly recommend over the pricey providers.
March 15
I would recommend this company to…
I would recommend this company to anyone !!!
It’s time to be happy with your wireless service!