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Woodford Thomas
June 24
Completely satisfied with the service.
Completely satisfied with the service.
June 24
Good and Affordable service
I like being able to view everything online. I like the affordable prices. Service is great. Better data usage statistics would be nice. For example, I have a pay as you go account but don't know how many texts, minutes or data I use per month. I just see how much money is taken from my account. I can read through my usage and history but that requires me to manually count the texts and calls.
Mahesh Kumar
June 24
Best cost effective plan for high …
Best cost effective plan for high school kids. Allows my son unlimited text and limited data and voice for 11.xx including tax.
June 22
Pretty good overall
Pretty good overall. The only dislike is the taxes added to my order. About 20% taxes added to my topup order is A LOT.
fred carney
June 21
I tried several mvno providers and I …
I tried several mvno providers and I like tello better than all of them. I tell all my family and friends about tello and have had some of them thank me.
June 20
Excellent phone service and customer …
Excellent phone service and customer service!
Gary H.
June 20
Hello provides excellent …
Hello provides excellent service/coverage for my phone usage.
June 20
Great service
Great service, affordable rates !!!!!!
Brooke H.
June 20
I am recommending this to anyone who is …
I am recommending this to anyone who is NOT with Tello. Customer service was quick, so easy to get signed up. My whole family switched over, and we could not be more pleased. Thank you, Tello!
Kris Boyd
June 20
The service is good and the service …
The service is good and the service department is very helpful, but I think you need a better selection of phones and a choice of new or refurbished. Also, when you send one back, you should be able to get a replacement if you want. Thanks
Brooklyn User
June 19
Very Impressed, But With A Couple Grumbles
I just use pay-as-you-go for voice. And for that, it's an awesome bargain. Was never able to get data working on the LG flip-phone that not only worked fine with prior MVNO (the now-deceased STI Mobile), but has a tether cable. Support desk definitely tried hard and patiently, just didn't have the necessary level of knowledge to crack this. May buy a new phone anyway, for a hopefully fully-functional hotspot. Have one now from straighttalk mobile, but Tello's prices beat it, especially at my light usage levels. Two minor grumbles: 1) Taxes and fees add 23.5% on top of your recharge amount. It would be nice if they'd itemize what it's for. If they do, I haven't found where. It's still the best price for PAYG voice, but I'd still like to see it accounted for. 2) It looks like they dropped the $5 recharge and minimum is now $10. While not a serious inconvenience, I just hope they're on top of their business, and this isn't a symptom of anything. It's a rough business they're in, margins are tight, and competition is serious. I really want them to make it. UPDATE: Thank you for the response. Aha, so that's where it is! I was looking at the emailed order acknowledgments. Maybe you should synchronize those? Anyhow, looking at my orders, it looks like I've been a customer for six months now. I also have an AT&T GoPhone, but Tello outperforms it almost every time, outgoing and incoming.
Andrew Collins
June 19
I love Tello
I love Tello! Perfect solution for our needs. Easily customizable plans. Affordable and works great. I highly recommend.
Brian H
June 19
The prices are very competitive
The prices are very competitive, and their customer service is outstanding.
Aman Jatoi
June 18
Best mobile service I ever had you pay …
Best mobile service I ever had you pay what you get.
Diane J Bryant
June 16
Tello has been wonderful
Tello has been wonderful. The cost is great for minimal usage of minutes and texts. No monthly minimum. The data might be considered expensive by large data users but I don't use that much since Wi-Fi is often available. I would like better phone number records and minutes used per month. But many MVNOs often have no records. (We have a record of the most recent outgoing calls (number dialed), but no record of the number of an incoming call.)
Isaiah Bronson
June 16
Great response to help with issues
Great response to help with issues. Really like the paygo rates for the amount I use. Never had an issue with the quality of service. I have been using Tello for 5 months now- very happy!
Krishna Dhullipalla
June 16
Excellent customer service and response!
Excellent customer service and response!
June 15
Great service!
Great service!
Sherry N
June 15
Has been a great and wildly affordable …
Has been a great and wildly affordable device for a young child needing a phone for safety purposes. Thank you Tello!
Schuyler Wise
June 15
Simple, Easy and Affordable
Tello makes it astoundingly easy to configure an affordable custom plan. No problems, no hassle, no confusion. Streamlined website and customer service, simple payment setup... I have nothing but good things to say!