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tello.com has been called “the best thing since sliced bread”
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  • Amazing customer service
  • Easily customizable plans
  • Pure freedom
  • Big savings
  • Reliable service

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4.6 out of 5 based on 5445 reviews
Patrick Erskine
December 7
Adding a new phone fairly simple
Adding a new phone was fairly simple. SIM card I had from previous phone thru Tello didn’t work so had to order new one. It took a week to get here. Set up was easy once I got it.
Craig Closta
December 7
Yeah👍👍unbelievable phone plans,great…
Yeah👍👍unbelievable phone plans,great service.
William Black
December 7
Good service at a low cost
Good service at a low cost
David Garcia
December 7
Awesome service!!
Awesome service!!
Bob B
December 7
Very good service GREAT PRICE!
I ordered a sim card for my old phone (I-phone 6 plus) to see how the service is. Tello operates off the Sprint network and is very good. I have traveled from Wisconsin down to southern Texas with both of my phones and the Tello network was fine. I will be switching my new I-phone over to Tello when my contract with current supplier is completed. Tello's plan pricing is also very reasonable.
Robert Boyd
December 7
Excellent provider
Simple, Reliable Cell Service at a Great Price! Can't beat it!
David Day
December 6
If you use SPRINT (or Boost), DROP Y'all's bill with a QUICKNESS!!
I had already switched my step-son's old Sprint phone over to Tello in one day with NO problems, it was seamless! As a Desert Shield/Storm Vet with a Disabled wife who needed her number ported over ASAP, I had issues with Boost Mobile giving me my account number (they have NO direct contact number on their website!). I assumed that it was the phone number since that's all is shown internet-wise and I only used the `net to buy and activate the phone, much less pay the bill.. Mad props to Tello for getting the direct number to Boost so I could get my account number. I had spoke with a couple of Tello reps in the process and explained the situation. They kindly explained the process and apologized that the porting had timed out and there was nothing they could do to expedite the process. I had to restart the process but they saved my referral for her so we both got our $10 credit! And lo-and-behold! She got activated within an hour of me paying the bill!! The service is EXACTLY the same, same network (Sprint), just MUCH lower bill!! Instead of 3Gigs at $35 month, she gets 4Gigs at $19 month!! Boost tried to offer 5Gigs at $25, I told them to go pound sand! THANK YOU SO MUCH TELLO!! I'm speaking to everyone I see at work to get referrals!! Having worked previously in customer service (phones especially), I made sure to call them up and give `em a H-E-Double-Hockey-Stick YEAH, even told her to flag the call so Sups (Supervisors) could get get a lil love too! Y'all DA BOMB! --Mic drop--
Rose Halpin
December 6
Who can complain at a phone service…
Who can complain at a phone service with $15.00 bill. It's awesome. I would totally recommend the service putting these ridiculous high-end phone companies out of business.
annmarie barajas
December 6
I love the quality and service for the…
I love the quality and service for the low price!
Erica Mace
December 6
So glad I switched!
Very intuitive platform. Flexible plans that I can edit anytime. And so affordable!
December 6
Tello is easy and convenient with…
Tello is easy and convenient with monthly automatic payment and emails keeping you informed about your account. Reasonable rates also.
william adams
December 6
Great,no complaints
December 5
love this service and the price
love this service and the price
December 5
I contacted Tello and chatted with a…
I contacted Tello and chatted with a service person named John. He was informative, attentive and courteous. He helped me make decision regarding my Tello account. I appreciated his straight-forward approach and feel assured in my decision thanks to his help.
December 5
Excellent employees
Excellent employees in each situation---knowledgeable and polite.
Gary McCorkle
December 5
Loved your customer service
Loved your customer service. The rest of them out there could take lessons from you guys. Everyone I talked to was friendly and knowledgeable. You must have a great training program. I’d give you a perfect 10 if I could.
December 5
Rep was so helpful made it all so easy…
Rep was so helpful made it all so easy and it was fixed right away! We love using Tello!
Arthur Flasher
December 5
The Tello minutes is a great idea
The Tello minutes is a great idea. Old people like me need a backup phone when you are out driving, It gives you a security that you can call for help if the car or truck breaks down.
T Engelman
December 5
Great price great service
Great price great service
Akintunde Akinsanya
December 4
very good company
very good company, reasonable prices
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