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Hans Gruetzenbach
December 9
Quick and easy
Quick and easy, with much help.
December 9
It's cheap and it works!
It's cheap and it works!
Very satisfied
December 8
I have been with Tello for two months…
I have been with Tello for two months and so far the service is flawless. The switch from my previous provider to Tello was smooth and easy. I would definitly recommend to my friends.
Milt Fisher
December 7
Was a very smooth transition
Was a very smooth transition. Support was extremely good and efeicent.
Thomas McCabe
December 7
Had a real rocky start.....
Had a real rocky start with Tello.com.....only because this was my 1st SmartPhone and I became veeery frustrated with MY lack of knowledge and patience !! Their Customer Service people were veeery patient with me and helped me get this THING up and running. Even called me back several times to make sure that I was good to go. Since then everything has gone smoothly. Thank You Tello !!
Sandra Schubert
December 7
Good service and price
Good service and price
December 7
Thank You, Tello!
Excellent price for phone service; I appreciate how easy it was to get/set up and really like being able to customize my plan. Four stars so far, as I have only needed customer service for one issue - that even though I have a Sprint phone and Sprint is supposed to work where I live, I cannot get any service in my home town. This is not a big deal because I really need a cell phone when I travel and for that it has worked great! Customer Service agents have all been considerate and helpful. I have already recommended Tello to others!
Michael Zollicoffer
December 6
great value
I love the value and the excellent service support that I get from Tello ,No disappointments here. I gladly recommend this company.
December 6
The same quality cellular service at a…
The same quality cellular service at a lower price and no contract required.
December 6
Best Customer Service !
I just talked to the the best customer service person ever who works for an mvno provider. He answered all my questions, understood everything I said, spoke excellent english and was very patitent . I wish i had gotten his name. Thank You Tello for good customer service staff. 12/6/18 7:15 PM eastern time. PS Way better than RP and FP and No Waiting either !
December 6
excellent cellular provider
excellent reception, seamless service: everything just works, no APNs to set or anything else to configure, app is optional, but the app is awesome, you'll want to install it. The one time I asked them a question the reply was succinct, in clear simple to understand words they also explained the technical reason behind their answer. I like the plan structure, and for my low usage I might just stick with pay as you go and see how long the $10 lasts (could be a few months!). But they also have the unlimited low-speed internet after you use up the plan data (if you add monthly data) - I do like that as well, I can't think of another pre-paid provider that does that. If you have good coverage I highly recommend these guys.
Roman Kulakevich
December 6
Very goog customer service
Very goog customer service. Good custom plans. I love it!
Jacob T
December 5
Overall great service and a great phone company
Customer service is great and the prices are amazingly cheap
December 5
This the best deal going
This the best deal going! Customer service great! I am surprised they dont do more advertising! Such a deal!!! No complaints from me! Sad all the people pay so much for service tello is so much more better and affordable!!!!!
Virginia Joiner
December 5
Excellent Customer Service at a Cheap Price
My husband and I had been with Tracfone & Net10 for a long time, and AT&T before that. We were sick of high prices and non-existent customer service. When I first found Tello I was expecting it to be as bad as Tracfone. After all, you get what you pay for. I figured for the price, we could use their service until I found a "good" company. Because this was supposed to be temporary, I was looking for used phones on eBay. I wasn't sure about which phones would work, and I was confused by the information on their site, so I clicked on chat to try to get some help. I fully expected either to be ignored or get an automated answering service that doesn't know anything, but I decided I might as well try. I was floored by how fast I was connected to a real, live person who actually knew what he was talking about. He stayed with me for almost 30 minutes explaining what to look for and which phones would work. I am extremely satisfied with their service, and I'm saving over $50 a month! I won't be switching from Tello any time soon. I'm so glad I found them.
David Kiddoo
December 5
I switched over from Met#@PCS and it…
I switched over from Met#@PCS and it was a very easy transformation. Seamless. Not a problem. Service was great. Communication with tech issues great. I would recommend this to anyone. In fact I was on the cheapest plan with Met#@pcs ($30/mo) and I increased my data usage from 2GB to 3GB with unlimited talk.text... and I am still saving money. Plus I could use my own phone that Met#@pcs rejected.
December 4
Good customer service and the price
Good customer service and the price. Just wish the unused data will rollover to next month.
December 3
Comcast and Verizon are huge corporate…
Comcast and Verizon are huge corporate rip off who lie, cheat, steal and provide inferior service. Tello is what you see is what you get-- a local provider with excellent service for a great price that knows the local market. Don't let the fat cats bamboozle you. Tello provides great service at a price you can afford. And keeps jobs in the community. Big win!
December 3
i really like your service its great
i really like your service its great
Elton Muse
December 3
So far so good
So far so good, no issues.
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