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Join Tello, the only 5 star wireless carrier

tello.com is the only 5 star wireless carrier,
thanks to more than 4,700 positive reviews from
our customers, who appreciate us for:
  • Amazing customer service
  • Easily customizable plans
  • Pure freedom
  • Big savings
  • Reliable service

See what our customers say about us:

based on 4750 reviews
Sravanthi Udandarao
July 15
Thank you
Thank you. Very affordable and customizable plan for our needs, that too without contracts.
Nicole Craig
July 15
Break up with your expensive phone contract
Break up with your expensive phone company and contract! Switching over to Tello was a simple process - I was able to use my existing phone and the coverage has been great. I'm saving a ton of money each month AND they just doubled my monthly data for free! I've been recommending Tello to all our friends tired of spending too much for phone service.
marty newman
July 15
Tello service has been great for us and…
Tello service has been great for us and the price is unbeatable!
Ireta Krstevski
July 14
Great service at a wonderful price
Great service at a wonderful price. I love Tello!!!
tello user
July 13
build your own plan :)
the best deals for the best price you can build your own plan phone service 8-9/10 depending on your area easy to talk to customer support
July 13
Great Customer Service
"Michelle" was very helpful when I called. Professional. Patient. Give her a raise! Thank you!
deborah allison
July 13
I love Tello can't beat their prices…
I love Tello can't beat their prices anywhere.
Jerry Hayden
July 13
Tello is just right for me
Tello is just right for me, I only use the phone when I have to. I am so glad I found Tello. Most months I use only a few min. The $9 per month is something I can aford. Most other co's charge $15-20 a month I'm 85 years old and I never sit and chat for long peroids of time.If someone wants to chat with me they can come see me or write me a letter. Thanks TELLO for taking care of us-the older generations.
Kit Polhans
July 12
Glad I Made the Switch
Had been with Sprint for 15 years. Never had much of a problem with them, but now that I'm retired, I don't need unlimited data. By switching to Tello I will be saving more than $40 a month. Was able to bring my phone and keep my number. I had to call the Tello reps a few times with questions and they answered right away and and were able to help me. They make you feel like a valued customer. I look forward to staying with Tello for a long time😊
Fred Gonzales
July 12
Great plan and great prices on phones!!
Great plan and great prices on phones!!
July 12
Excellent. No fuss, simple, reliable and customer service that delivers. Options for everyone, including those of us who don't need much. Can't beat $5 a month!
Jean Shpakoff
July 12
I’m very happy with the monthly fee…
I’m very happy with the monthly fee decrease. I would recommend Tello to my friends and family. I don’t always have good service in the country Here in PA. But texts are ok When in Texas service is great. 16214 service is not so good Thanks
Customer Becky Byla
July 12
Customer service is excellent
Customer service is excellent, phone plans amazingly affordable! Hate to to think of all the money I wasted for less with one of the mainstream (non) providers.
Lai Won Moy
July 11
I love tello
I love tello. It is a care free service that is so dependable. On top of it all the coverage quality and price is great. Any one that I speak to about the service is impressed. I am thoroughly satisfied and I am happy to spread the word.
Rob Hagerty
July 11
Great service
Great service. Super prices.
July 11
Very responsive and helpful
Very responsive and helpful
Michael Peterson
July 11
Best carrier I have ever used
Best carrier I have ever used. Thank you.
Angela Whaley
July 11
This service is awesome
This service is awesome. Low monthly cost, it's great!
Alain Wellerstein
July 11
Great prices and great services
Great prices and great services. Smooth as can be!
Peter Fontes
July 11
At first
At first, I wasn't impressed at all, to say the least, when I was having a problem activating my phone via email, you never emailed me back to follow up with my problem. Then I finally called your customer service and then my problem was solved quickly and professionally. The reason why I gave it 4 stars and not 5 is that the problem with the emailing or lack thereof.
It’s time to be happy with your wireless service!