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February 24
Great service, great options.
Highly recommended!
Jean Swigonski
February 22
love it
Really loving the price and coverage. Would like a family plan to make payments more convenient, but that is the only thing I could see making this better
Good User
February 22
Great, except the fees.
I use tello for only data, from that point, it is good. But what bothers me is that the final price after tax and fees is too high, you end up paying like %25 more with the fees, I have never seen it gets that high.
February 21
Great low cost basic phone service.
All I needed was a second phone for my son. I like that you can customize this phone plan so that if you only use it for making phone calls that is all you pay for. I don't have to pay for texting or a data plan I am not going to use. But if I do need them down the road I can add them and it is still affordable. Also like that I was able to bring my own phone and use it
Greg Nelson
February 20
Great service
Also Wish That The Internet Can Be More Faster After Data Has Reached Limit 😊👍
Karl Wagner
February 20
Great service and great customer support.
Chris S.
February 20
Very good customer service
I am very pleased with their level of customer service.
Peter Vallen
February 19
change to new iphone
easy to contact customer service, excellent service and reasonable price.
February 18
Waiting for my SIm to arrive today
Its a 5 star experience so far, got my phone a few days back and getting my new CDMA SIm today, the process is simple and easy, will share more if anything goes wrong :)
February 17
great website
Easy interface, cheap prices, maybe best Sprint MVNO.
February 15
I'm a believer
Love this carrier! Great customer service, reliable service, outstanding value.
Hua Chen
February 14
save me a lot on mobile
Yeah it's awesome
Fuhwei Lwo
February 13
My deepest appreciate to the support - Daniel Siles
I made a mistake by porting 2 phones to the same Tello account and messed up both phones. I called in for technical support around 7:30 am, Saturday, 2/11 and had received terrific help from Daniel Siles. This is one of the best support experiences I have ever gotten. Here are the reasons: 1) The situation I have is vert complicated because it involves disabling the second phone's number, creating new Tello account, getting a new number, creating a case to port the old number to the new account, and getting my first phone's number back. 2) Daniel was very professional and patient to guide me through all those tedious processes step by step and get things done. Before calling the support, I had some reservation because I know it's a very complicated situation. However, to my surprise, Daniel helped me through all these even on weekend night. I cannot express enough thanks to him. Please do your best recognize Daniel's contribution and value to your company. He definitely finds a way to satisfy the customers. Please let me know if you need further information about the details. Thanks again for all your help, Daniel.
February 13
Smooth excellent experience
I ported my number over from RingPlus. The port over time was shorter than expected and went smoothly. The call quality and data is wonderful.
Qi Yin
February 12
Good job,Tello.
Excellent customer service, very helpful.
John B.
February 9
Tello is the BEST!!!
I've been using cell phones for over 20 years for business and personal use and no other cell phone company I've dealt with responded as quickly and has had the service level that Tello has provided me. Thank you Tello!!!
Vladimir Voskresenskiy
February 9
Completely satisfied.
I am a customer Tello 3-4 months. The phone has been delivered on time. The connection was fast and simple, I have kept my number. The plans are very flexible and for all needs. 2 weeks ago I changed my plan for 1 minute on the line. Service is excellent. Great prices. For smaller service at ATT I paid $ 20 more. While there were no problems.
February 8
Just switched to Tello and I'm satisfied with my choice
I'm an ex ringplus customer and went crazy when I found out that they're closing... A friend recommended Tello, he was already their customer for 5 months, so I chose them. The porting was easy and everything seems to be going well, so far.
February 8
Custom made, safe and no bla bla fees
They have no connection fees or other absurd fees like others, I could customise my plan from the start. Customer service rules, they were patient and friendly with all my 10+ questions. 3 labels in the footer, that tells me they're safe.
February 7
Loving it!
Among the several Sprint MVNO's I've tried (Ring Plus & Chit Chat Mobile), customer support is absolutely stellar! And their customized pricing is the way to go.