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Join Tello, the only 5 star wireless carrier

tello.com is the only 5 star wireless carrier,
thanks to more than 500 positive reviews from
our customers, who appreciate us for:
  • Amazing customer service
  • Easily customizable plans
  • Pure freedom
  • Big savings
  • Reliable service

See what our customers say about us:

Based on 884 reviews
October 18
I really like their service
I really like their service, no problems with dropped calls or no service. Great value !!
Adam Rabinovitch
October 18
Excellent coverage both sending and receiving strength along with great price for Cell plan . Both Thumbs up
Carol Halm
October 17
Excellent customer service
Tello has excellent customer service - thank you! Representatives are friendly and knowledgeable, and they get back to you quickly - no waiting on hold forever like you often have to when you make calls to customer service departments in other companies.
Alex Trampe
October 17
Love it
Love it! Very flexible and easy to change plans based on your current needs.
Tom Furjanic
October 17
Very good customer service
Very good customer service
Naomi Hedden
October 17
Your customer service is excellent
Your customer service is excellent. I never have to wait long, the representatives are courteous and know how to address issues . This service fits my sons phone needs perfectly.
October 17
very helpful customer cervice
I had problem paying w/ credit card. Custer service person (sorry I forgot his name), got it fixed. I was up & running in less than 3 min. Happy customer :)
Mike L.
October 16
Prices are fair
Prices are fair, would like to see rollover if minutes not used or come up with some plans for light users. Not everybody wants a smartphone so let's see a few more years phones elections. Otherwise happy with serviceable call quality.
Gary England
October 16
phone works good and is good service …
phone works good and is good service plan
October 16
The best customer service ever
The best customer service ever: they open 24/7, no waiting on the line, they allways very nice and knowledgeable.
October 16
Tello is a great company with cheap …
Tello is a great company with cheap prices that I love. There's no hidden scam-like fees, and its very easy to use and customize the plan that is best for you.
Estela Patrick
October 15
Tello's flexibility and prices are …
Tello's flexibility and prices are unique. Great service, and the best customer service. I'm very thankful my Dad recommended them to us. Thank you Tello!
Mary K. Hukill
October 15
Excellent Customer Service
Excellent Customer Service, Quality Phones, and, Great price. THANKS!
October 15
Always received prompt and complete …
Always received prompt and complete srvice when I have had questions/problems. Much appreciated!
Robert Henty
October 15
Great price
Great price. Great service. I'm just using basic phone service. My only minor complaint is that when I recently ran out of minutes, the phone was completely cut off including being able to contact customer service. I was able to use a different phone to contact customer service. I got right through and the rep couldn't have been more helpful.
October 15
Very impressed with Tello!
Tello is seriously an amazing company! Their pay as you go rates are very competitive and plans are highly customizable. They make it super easy to access your account, as well as get support when you need it. I’ve been with them for 6 months now, and I couldn’t be happier!
William Brian
October 14
Great service and price you can't get …
Great service and price you can't get from any other Cell network and you get a real person when you call.
Steve Reed
October 14
I just wanted to tell you guys that you …
I just wanted to tell you guys that you do a really great job. Your website is easy to understand, your customer support is what every other company should be."
Martha Kendall
October 14
This service is exactly what I needed …
This service is exactly what I needed for what I am willing to pay. Dependable, but not any high prices extras I can do without. Thanks, Tello!
Alex Yu
October 14
Great customer service!
The customer service line answer so fast that I would never imagine from the traditional carries. The online chatting is also very fast and responsive. The representative called Olivia perfected solved my problem with real patience and good understanding of the issues. She even make a call to me to confirm everything is ok! Great service as always. Please keep up with your good job!
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