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Join Tello, the only 5 star wireless carrier

tello.com is the only 5 star wireless carrier,
thanks to more than 2,100 positive reviews from
our customers, who appreciate us for:
  • Amazing customer service
  • Easily customizable plans
  • Pure freedom
  • Big savings
  • Reliable service

See what our customers say about us:

Based on 2196 reviews
Walter Kao
May 25
transparent pricing
transparent pricing, works as advertised, doesn't hide anything.
Byron Brown
May 25
I have used the service only for a…
I have used the service only for a short time and everything seems to be working fine.
John B.
May 25
Tello is great
Tello is great. Phone service was quick. Customer service was helpful. Can't beat the price. Would highlyn recommend.
William Coates
May 24
Awesome company & the best customer…
Awesome company & the best customer friendly customer service ever!!
Stuart Collier
May 24
Good customer service when needed. Trouble free.
Good customer
Charles Dusenberry
May 24
In the years I have been with Tello
In the years I have been with Tello I have found it to be honest fair and always willing to give me the best service available. I would compare my service to any out there and yet the price is far less. Thank You Tello
Ruben Cobos
May 23
Phenomenal service for the price.
Phenomenal service for the price.
May 23
Inexpensive alternative to typical cell…
Inexpensive alternative to typical cell services. Choose a plan that suits your needs.
a new subscriber
May 23
Wow - very pleased
Run, do not walk, to move to Tello.
Senior user!
May 23
I am a new shopper.
I am a new shopper and got my phone on the advice and help of my daughter who works with a person that has your brand and that person felt the phone would be good for the use I would use it for. I am a Senior person and use the phone for casual calls to family and friends. I do wish the phone had a "hard" copy of what the different symbols mean as my memory is not as good as years ago and I need to think longer of what symbol is the right one. Otherwise, I like the phone.
May 23
Great for ur money
Great for ur money
Susan Sullivan
May 23
I was looking for an alternative to an…
I was looking for an alternative to an expensive land line and found Tello. The plan I chose was reasonable and had everything I was looking for. The one time I had an issue I contacted them and they were able to help me right away. I've had Tello for less than a year but in that time they have lowered my plan price and added options! I would highly recommend Tello to anyone looking for a reasonable cell phone provider.
Ovidiu Hoarste
May 23
5 STAR service !
5 STAR service !
May 23
Cheap way to get actual cell service
Cheap way to get actual cell service. Some services make big promises, but the phones don't actually work. This one works. Perfect for tweens (and teens who pay their own bill).
May 22
Great !
Great price. Great service. Feel bad for the brainwashed masses who overpay for the same service!!! Thanks Tello!
David Kluter
May 22
Tello Wins
Tello takes the pain out of having a smart phone.
May 22
No issues with the service or hidden…
No issues with the service or hidden costs so all is well.
May 22
I love that you can customize your plan…
I love that you can customize your plan to fit your usage. It's simple and cheap. The Sprint network isn't the best one for coverage, but it's good enough for me. I prefer Tello miles over Virgin Mobile, which is what I used to use.
Victoria Ledbetter
May 22
This is an amazing company- their service is excellent and I for one -a college student on a very limited income- am extremely grateful for their prepaid, flexible plans. With Tello, I’m able to have so much more. I have no idea how they manage it, but I feel so lucky to have found out about them.
Eliot Anderson
May 22
Thumbs up
A good company offering what are currently the best prices I can find.
It’s time to be happy with your wireless service!