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April 25
A recommendation ...
I chose Tello on the recommendation of a knowledgeable friend who has the time and talents to do thorough research on such matters. I have not been sorry for one moment.
Ron Ruegg
April 25
Another thrilled customer
I am so happy we got to know each other. Doing business with Tello is fantastic.
Xiong Her
April 25
Highly recommend tello
Best, cheapest service. Only few things I found fault in was that it doesn't have as many network coverage since it uses Sprint as its carrier, as well as not as many phones available for tello(even their byod doesn't have the latest phones, so you would either have to buy one from their selection, or pray your new phone works with their service), and lastly is that they don't yet support VoIP/wifi calling. Other than that, this is by far the best cellular service provider out there, hands down. Their plans, extra service, nation coverage, and customer support are top notch.
Jared Palmer
April 25
Reliable service at extremely …
Reliable service at extremely affordable rates. Service works well everywhere we've gone.
April 25
This is the best cell phone company …
This is the best cell phone company right now. The best thing they have is their La Carte style pricing plans.
April 24
I get choose the best plan for me and …
I get choose the best plan for me and it very affordable and easy.
April 24
If the Sprint network works for you …
If the Sprint network works for you it's not a bad option for light users. E.g. my plan with 100 talk, 200 texts, and 200mb data is $9.89 including all fees and taxes per month. It's also nice that there are no overages unless you specifically pay for more minutes, texts, or mb. There are no porting, sign up, or other fees. Heavy users will be better served by just going direct to the carrier and getting some unlimited plan.
Peter Whitaker
April 24
Tello gives me the option to buy only …
Tello gives me the option to buy only what need. Great service as well.
Angel Kimball
April 24
finally a reasonable rate!
I've told everyone I know about you guys! your rates are soooo reasonable especially for simple phone users like myself. appreciate the consistent price & no hidden fees & gimics.
April 24
After checking out all the other VoIP
After checking out all the other VoIP. Tello was one of the few that you could call Canada for the same as local. Never had any problems, ever. Always the best rates.
Peter Kraus
April 24
Cheapest plan
Cheapest plan does everything I would need it for (car, emergencies, occasional call to kids in California, calls home) and Sprint has great coverage.
S Carlsen
April 23
Love this company!
Love this company! Lowest prices I've found, with no overcharging, billing or hidden fee issues. Plans are simple to understand and offer flexibility for both low and high data use customers (I get 200MB of data for my low-use needs, which is $4/month). Very attentive customer service. I just recently had a problem with my Nexus 5X not reading my SIM card. Tello sent me a new one - free of charge - in an expedient manner. (As it turns out, it was the phone, not the SIM card. The SIM slot must have suffered damage somehow. I finally fixed it by adding two layers of masking tape to the back of the SIM card.)
April 23
Great product for a good price
Great product for a good price. Love the idea of being able to customize my plan, any time. Good service without disruptions.
William Lowden
April 23
I have switched all three of my phones …
I have switched all three of my phones to Tello. The quality of calls far exceeds what I would have expected from even a Name Brand phone company. Customer service is great. When I entered incorrect information while switching over my third phone Tello's customer service called ME and helped fix the problem!!! The ability to automatically replenish minutes means no annoying "your minutes are low" messages and no dead phone. Great service at a Great can't ask for more!!!!
John Skorupa
April 22
Very good service in my area with the …
Very good service in my area with the flexibility of options to fit your needs
Jared L
April 22
Tello has been a great place to land …
Tello has been a great place to land after the death of RingPlus. They are not free, but they are reasonably priced and have good support. It has been very refreshing to be able to get a hold of a human when there is an issue with the service. This was something that was next to impossible with RingPlus, that I dealt with because the price was right. Tello worked fine with all my Sprint phones and I didn't have any issues porting my numbers over. I have three of four kids on Tello and I have no complaints.
John D
April 22
Great service quality
Great service quality, easily to change plan or handset on the website without needing to call anyone.
Kraig H
April 22
Great rates and customer service
Wow, prompt, friendly customer service and great rates? Tello is awesome!
April 22
Problem with service with my iphone, Tello helpful and responsive.
Phone calls, on the first try, go directly to voice mail. After trying the call again, it may or may not ring thru. Tello Customer Service tested this and is trying to resolve it. Good customer service, but still waiting for resolution.
Dusan Subotic
April 21
Excellent customer service
Excellent customer service. Very happy with Tello.