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Join Tello, the only 5 star wireless carrier

tello.com is the only 5 star wireless carrier,
thanks to more than 4,400 positive reviews from
our customers, who appreciate us for:
  • Amazing customer service
  • Easily customizable plans
  • Pure freedom
  • Big savings
  • Reliable service

See what our customers say about us:

Based on 4459 reviews
Emilian Nicu
May 24
Good services.
Good services.
May 24
Tello is a good service and provider…
Tello is a good service and provider very reasonably priced just what I was looking for I am a senior on a fixed income and it helped even more to fix my income thank you tello
Sherri Hyjek
May 23
I love the quality of my tello service
I love the quality of my tello service. And the price is the best out there. Thank you 😊 Sherri
Rodney Steckel
May 23
I've tried other economy carriers but…
I've tried other economy carriers but Tello ranks way above the rest in my opinion. First, I believe their plans are virtually unbeatable, but even if you might save a few cents, and here's number two: Tello's customer service is top-notch! Show me another carrier where you can call and speak with a live, English-first-language representative without jumping through a series of hoops. I don't think you can. That's why Tello is the best!
Robert Blackwood
May 22
Great transition,they made it simple
Great transition,they made it simple
May 22
Good service
Jan C
May 22
Excellent plans
Excellent plans, can't beat the price, and for someone like me who loses phones I especially appreciate that there's no charge to switch your account to a different phone. Only takes minutes!
Joe Clark
May 22
Tello has saved me a lot of money and…
Tello has saved me a lot of money and provides perfect connectivity, crystal clear voice and incredible live human customer supported. This type of service would be expected of one of the "big four" wireless providers. The greatest thing is it is a fraction of the cost of the major carriers. I could not be happier.
Harvey Pothier
May 21
Good choice for carrier
Good choice for carrier. Service is commendable. Would recommend to all who ask my opinion.
May 21
Excellent plans and pricing and support…
Excellent plans and pricing and support is outstanding as well. Best option for those that don't use cellular as their primary tool for internet and phone.
David Marsee
May 21
The biggest is savings since i switched…
The biggest is savings since i switched from Sprint.They use the sprint network of towers.It is so easy to talk to a live person if you need help or ask a question.I would highly recommend Tello.
New England mom
May 21
I LOVE Tello
I LOVE Tello. Customer service is wonderful, always helpful and precise. The only reason I gave it four instead of five stars is that I prefer it to have a way to sign up multiple phones on one email address, rather than needing separate emails for each phone. I'm a mom with husband and four kids in high school and college, so it would be MUCH easier to keep track of billing if all these phones could be under one email. But that is honestly the only drawback, and it's really not a problem ultimately. For the price and the service, I could not imagine going elsewhere. Thanks a million, Tello!
Terri Potts
May 21
Don't be sorry!
You'd be brainless not to use such a great service with incredible prices, such flexibility, and great ease. Doesn't get simpler than this.
NYC Dweller
May 21
Ultra-cheap, flexible plans, as good as Sprint, but where did chat go?
LOCATION: NYC PHONE: iPhone 6 Plus unlocked Verizon version, iPhone XR unlocked PLAN: $12/mo 1GB THE GOOD: Network quality seems the same as Sprint. Data usage on dashboard updates nearly instantly. Cheap and customizable plans that can be changed every month. Can get an ultra cheap plan if you just need the basics. Even no voice or no data is an option. THE BAD: Customer service can be hard to reach for a quick question (hopefully live chat comes back). FAQ and web documentation could be less promotional and more informative. Frequently advertised price promos are for new customers only. No option to pre-pay for longer periods at a discounted rate (like Mint Mobile offers). Less of a bargain at higher data allotments. Had the free 1 year unlimited Sprint promo plan. Sprint in NYC has been okay, although not quite as good as Verizon (which still isn't perfect by any stretch). After my plan reverted to normal pricing ($66/mo), I realized I didn't need unlimited data and began looking for a cheap MVNO. About 3 months ago, I decided to try Tello based on the fact that I could raise or lower data easily (I go through periods when I’m always on wifi and other periods when I need a lot of data). I was deciding between Mint and Tello but was already on Sprint's network and therefore had a Tello-compaitible SIM. Sign up and porting were simple. I had to contact customer service via chat and reset some settings to get the data to work. The internet said that Tello didn't support Visual Voicemail, but seemed to auto configure after a day or two(?) and works the same as with Sprint now. Everything was fine after that. A few weeks ago I upgraded to an unlocked iPhone XR (from the Apple Store). Unfortunately, I had some trouble at this point as the phone wouldn't activate and the web site said that my iPhone 6 SIM wasn't compatible with the iPhone XR and to contact customer service. So I had no phone for 24 hours until I could get back to the Apple store for a new Sprint SIM (free) as opposed to ordering one from Tello ($10) and waiting. Communicating with customer service during this time was difficult since the live chat function had been removed from their web site. No response via email for a couple hours so I called them via Skype Out. No one answered and I was only given the option to request a call back. Unfortunately a call back isn't a great option when your problem is that your phone won't activate. I asked them to call my Google Voice number on wifi and luckily that worked out (I'm still not sure how it worked, but I guess GV forwarded to Hangouts). They called me back within 15 minutes, which was great. Too bad email seems to take longer. After adding the new SIM, my phone was active and working fine with 2 minutes. All in all, as good as Sprint, but I may consider moving to Mint for more data.
Stan Marshall
May 21
Always among the best customer service
Always among the best customer service
May 21
Excellent cell phone service!
Due to my son's recommendation both my husband and I now use Tello for our cell phone needs. Both of us have made a smooth transition and are very satisfied. Thank you!
May 21
Great service
Great service! And great rates!
Saul Mendez
May 20
Tello is one of the best wireless…
Tello is one of the best wireless services in many areas of the United States.
May 20
Excellent Value
Tello is excellent for an inexpensive great service. I have had no problems at all with my service. Great value & great service.
Jack Mickfell
May 20
The price is very affordable and works…
The price is very affordable and works very well. Oh, and the customer support is pretty good.
It’s time to be happy with your wireless service!