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Esther Applegate
March 26
Very good, great customer service with real people!
We use tello for our kids phones. Their customer service is always excellent!
March 24
I love my tello!
It is so easy and reasonably priced. What is there not to love.
Allan Hoffman
March 24
Money savings and good service.
A cheap, simple, and easy service that works well. The only issue I would say is I wish they had more coverage.
March 24
good customer service, everything upfront and clear.
good customer service, everything upfront and clear.
March 23
Few bad experiences at first
Had a few bad experiences at first, but now that those are cleared up, this is a really good company
Rugby MI
March 22
Tello cs is always fast and kind. Love it.
Tello cs is always fast and kind. Love it.
March 21
Tello is great
Tello provides great service at the best price!
Joseph Moynihan
March 21
Best place around
Amazing service, best prices around. Great customer service. Thank you Tello!
j kl
March 21
Great service highly recommended
Great service! highly recommended!!!
Mike Miner
March 21
You won't be sorry with Tello.
Being able choose a plan that matches your cell phone usage saves you $. I will recommend Tello to everyone.
Benjamin W.
March 20
I'm extremely happy
I switched over when RingPlus shut down, and I am happy I chose Tello. Tello's customer service is great. They took my call in no time and helped me solve problems. Their mix between low rates and pay as you go proved to be a flexible and affordable way to have exceptional service. They are my go-to for recommendations.
Steve from Chicago
March 19
Works well, nothing bad to say
I activated a phone on Tello for minimal usage- sending around 20 texts a day. Everything functions as promised, Customer service responded quickly and accurately when I asked a question.
Steven S
March 19
Solid prepaid mobile service at great price
The service is solid and the customer service is great. It is nice to have a discount/prepaid mobile service where you can call someone for help. The mobile service works seamlessly and signals are solid. Website functionality could be better, though, especially as it relates managing a family of users. There can only be one phone attached to login requiring logging into multiple accounts to manage a family of users. Having usage alerts (low balance, etc.) would also be useful in this respect.
W Diaz
March 19
Transparent billing, good service and price.
Was able to connect an iPhone without issues, but a family member had issues with an old Virgin mobile phone, after emailing support their suggestion worked flawlessly and phone works. Excellent service for emergency phones, cheap prices. Without the hassle of expiration of minutes of other providers, or sneaky charges of other providers. Tello is transparent with billing, has good bundles to mix monthly plans with pay as you go. I could not be happier so far. (Other than free like Ring plus but that doesn't last)
March 19
Great service
Very prompt in answering calls, helpful customer service and affordable plans. Wish they had cheaper long distance plans.
M Naraghi
March 18
Fatest Response
I can give you more starts it you were provided space for those. I got my response and help very fast which I was not expecting. Great jobs and your should be proudly brag about it at your website.
Ellie J
March 18
Tello- simply the best.
Setting up phones has never been cheaper or easier. I've taken cheap phones, set them up with $5 and had them to have on trips and such. Simple, amazing, the best if you hate spending money but love technology.
Mel E
March 17
lots of good
Signal is great, the app is very helpful and not bloated. I like that I can see my usage easily in the app and add funds or change plans so quickly. The customer service has been very good and prompt. Also, Tello lets me use my phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot. Thanks and keep up the good stuff.
March 17
Reliable and straight forward service
So far so good. Overall, I like your service, and web UI, quite reliable and straight forward. The only thing that I don't like is the tax for prepaid refill. Is that something that you can do ?
March 17
Satisfied Tello Customer
Tello's pros; Easy to manage, flexibility, good prices, great customer service