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Oops, sorry to hear this. If you need to block your number you can do so from your online account - My Tello.
Please note that in order to unblock it you will need to contact our Customer Support team.
The Tello GSM SIM card you already have can be used with any other Tello GSM compatible and unlocked device.

To change the phone on your current Tello GSM line, the first thing to do is confirm that your new phone is Tello GSM compatible.
To do this, enter the IMEI of the new phone into our device checker.
Assuming your new phone receives the "Awesome" result on our device checker page and you have confirmed with your current provider that it is unlocked, simply take the Tello GSM SIM from your current phone and insert it into your new compatible phone.

Restart your new phone, follow any on-screen steps provided and your device should start to automatically activate the Tello GSM service.

If your phone does not activate automatically, please wait 30 minutes, then reboot your phone and try again.
You can also manually activate your phone by following the steps under the FAQ at the bottom of the "My SIM" page in your online account.
To purchase a replacement Tello GSM SIM card for the device already active on Tello, go to the "My SIM" page of your online account.
Scroll down until you see a section called "My SIM".
Click "Buy Tello SIM". and you will land on the Checkout Page.
Check that the pre-filled fields on the Checkout Page are correct, complete any required fields, and click on the green "Finalize Order" button at the bottom.

Important Shipping Information
Where applicable, you MUST include your Apt Number, Suite Number, or Unit Number in the "Address" field in the "Shipping Information" section.
Otherwise, your package may be severely delayed or may not be delivered at all.
Click the "Use my address" option to edit or change the current shipping address displayed.

Security PIN
On the checkout page, you may be asked for your Tello Security PIN to complete the order process.
This is an important step in ensuring your account remains secure.

If you can't recall or can't find the Security PIN then go to the Reset Security PIN page of your online account (not the "My Tello" App).
  • Check the phone number to which the reset code will be sent, as an SMS.
  • Click the blue "Request Reset Code" button.
  • You should then receive the reset code on your phone via SMS.

Note: You must have the SMS services "ON" for this action.
When the new Tello GSM SIM card arrives, activate it in your online account, insert the SIM into your phone & start using the service on the new Tello GSM network.
You can find your PUK (Personal Unblocking Key) code on the large plastic card to which your Tello SIM card was attached when you first received it.
It is the 8-digit code printed beside where it says "PUK".
If you misplaced that card you can always email our Customer Support team for assistance.
To get started, simply click here to join Tello.
Once you arrive on that start page, we check your coverage and you choose your Plan.

Then you either shop for a Tello Phone or Bring Your Own Phone, where you have the option to purchase a Tello GSM SIM. Once you select the option you'd like, you will be guided through the easy purchase process and then, when your package arrives, guided through activation.

For security reasons, opening an online account can only be done by the customers themselves. Our Support team does not create accounts or place orders for customers and we do not have any physical stores.

Payment can be made with most credit/debit cards & PayPal. We do not accept checks, bank transfers, Venmo or other payment methods. Tello is a contract-free service and our checkout page shows you the full purchase price (with tax) before you proceed to finalize an order.

Tello only uses GSM for our new customers.
Therefore you need an unlocked GSM-compatible phone & a Tello GSM SIM to join Tello.
When you purchase a Tello GSM SIM, you receive a 3-in-1 SIM card that includes mini (2FF), micro (3FF), and nano (4FF) sizes to fit any type of compatible phone.

Once you successfully activate your Tello SIM in your online account, you will then have the option to port in your own phone number.

Tello does not participate in the EBB (Emergency Broadband Benefit) / Lifeline program at this time.
We run on America's largest, fastest, and most reliable network.

While the agreement with our partner doesn't permit us to publicly use their name in our marketing efforts, a quick online search will probably provide you with the answer you are looking for.
There are a few easy ways to check if Tello is the perfect fit for you:

1. Check the coverage map to verify the service in your area.
Please be aware that outside factors like terrain, building structures, weather, and other conditions may also interfere with the actual service available. When you intend to travel out from your regular location, consult the coverage map again to check for service in the areas to which you will travel.
2. If you are bringing your own phone, make sure your device is compatible with Tello. It must be GSM, VoLTE, use our Bring Your Own Phone checker to confirm.
3. If you are bringing your own phone, make sure your device is unlocked.
You need to check this with your current provider. Tello cannot check locked status or unlock any locked devices.
Check our GSM Coverage Map to verify service in your area.
The icons in green will show the expected coverage in that location (outdoors, indoor residential, etc.) for certain device types.

Enter multiple addresses/ZIP codes to check all the areas where you live work and play.
If you intend to travel, you should check the destination coverage before setting off.

Although we provide Wi-Fi Calling & Text for areas with poor coverage (and overseas), you will still need good coverage so as to get the service activated initially.
To purchase a Tello GSM SIM card, you first need to confirm device compatibility through our device checker page.
This checker cannot check if your device is unlocked so you will need to confirm that with your previous provider or the device seller.
  • When you see the "Awesome" message click "Continue"
  • On the Checkout Page click "Buy SIM"
  • Assuming the SIM is for a new line, select NEW LINE from the dropdown menu
  • Fill in any other required fields and "Finalize Order."

When you purchase a Tello GSM SIM, you receive a 3-in-1 SIM card that includes mini (2FF), micro (3FF), and nano (4FF) sizes to fit any type of compatible phone.
You receive 1 SIM card and that 1 SIM card contains the three different sized punch-out SIM options.

When the new Tello GSM SIM card arrives, first activate the service in your online account, insert the new SIM, follow the on-screen prompts & start using the service.

Tello Phone Number & Porting
Every SIM delivery for a new line generates a new Tello phone number once activated. You will see a new Tello phone number in your online account when the activation process is completed.
You will not be able to port in a new number (to replace that Tello number) until you have successfully activated that SIM in your online account.
Only after you have successfully activated the SIM in your online account, you can port in your own number to us by submitting a port-in request
The port-in form will only become available & visible after a successful SIM activation and it can only be done from your online account.

Tello CDMA SIMs and GSM SIMs from other providers will not work on the Tello GSM network.
Only a Tello GSM SIM will work.
The Tello service can be used on unlocked & compatible smartphones and tablets.

iPads & Tablets
As long as the tablet is unlocked, VoLTE-capable and meets Tello's compatibility requirements, then the Tello service will work on your tablet.
Just bear in mind that if you want to use your tablet for calls, you will need a VoLTE (voice over LTE) app and a pair of headphones.
Calls and text messages from your tablet will be over a data connection or Wi-Fi, instead of our cellular network.
You may also have the option of setting up Wi-Fi Calling & Text on your tablet depending on the make & model of tablet.
The "My Tello" app can also be used on your tablet but remember that it is for making calls only - you cannot receive calls or send or receive text messages via this app.

At the moment, Apple Watches will not work with the Tello eSIM.
However, various other eSIM-compatible Smartwatches will work great with the Tello eSIM, for example, compatible Samsung Smartwatches.

Modems & Routers
Tello does not support the use of MiFi, netgear, modems or router devices.