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I can't call, text or use data?

The most important 1st step to take when you encounter any calling, messaging or data issue (and you are sure your subscription and balances are in good standing) is to restart your device whether Android or iOS.

From time to time, phones may lose connection with their network.
Restarting forces the phone to reconnect, which helps with network and connectivity problems & restores the service.
If restarting the phone does not resolve the issue then try these basic troubleshooting steps 1 by 1 in the order listed.
  1. Remove, clean and reinstall the Tello SIM.
    Turn off Wi-Fi & enable mobile data to ensure you're using the Tello network.
    Restart the device and test.
  2. Go to the phone settings and ensure that 4G/LTE or LTE is selected and that VoLTE is ON.
  3. Check under the phone settings that the latest software updates gave been installed.
    Uninstall downloaded apps such as calling apps; all blocking, launcher, and homescreen apps; and apps you downloaded around the time the problem started.
    Tello can't support calls on other services such as Google Voice.
  4. Perform a network reset which will erase any Wi-Fi passwords your phone has stored:
    • Go to Settings > System > Advanced.
    • Tap Reset options.
    • Tap Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth or tap on Reset Network Settings.
If prompted, enter the current PIN, password, or pattern. Tap Reset Settings to confirm.

If the service is still not working properly after trying these steps then email us with the following information:
  • the exact problem (calling, messaging, data etc)
  • the IMEI of the device
  • the phone number of the device
  • the troubleshooting steps you have tried
  • any error messages (if any) that appear on your phone
  • the exact address where you are having issues.

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