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New GSM network, same unbeatable plans

Tello Before & After

What can Tello customers expect when we'll be switching to the new network?

CDMA Network
New GSM Network
Current customers
Until migration is completed
After migration
New customers
SIM card
existing CDMA SIM
new Tello GSM SIM
Compatible phones
Same affordable phones
No contract, no fees
Free hotspot
Family Plans
Human Customer Support

I’m already a Tello customer, what does this mean for me?

Nationwide Coverage
Improved coverage, faster data speeds, and a super-stable network with the SAME plans and pricing
No Ring Time Charges
Customers will be able to switch starting early 2021, they will receive notifications in My account and via email.
Any Device
Older CDMA phones will work up until at least mid-2021, and we will enable a gradual switch with lots of opportunities to change trains
New Phone
To best use the new GSM network, your phone needs to have, as minimum requirements LTE frequency bands 2, 4, 12 + VoLTE

Is my phone compatible with the new GSM network?

Dial *#06# and you'll receive your phone's IMEI code

Don't have the IMEI at hand? Check Tello requirements.

You can bring your own number after the service has been activated in your online account.

Also, see the coverage in your area

Check coverage

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If you are new to Tello, you'll need to open a free account, build your own plan or buy Pay As You Go credit. Next, you’ll need to decide if you want to bring your own phone into Tello or buy a new one. Once your service is activated you can start making calls, texting or surfing the web.
  • Existing customers will be prompted via email & account alerts when their line is ready to migrate.
    We recommend that you prepare for migration by checking your current device for GSM device compatibility and check your location for GSM coverage.
    If both of those pass the checks then all you will need to do is order the free Tello GSM SIM when prompted to do so in your online account.
  • Nothing will change, except for a better-improved coverage offered by the 5G GSM network. Your plan's price, balance, phone number, or billing date are in no way affected by the migration. You will be able to enjoy the same super affordable phone plans & great Tello service.
  • All Tello Phones are compatible with the new Tello GSM network.
    If you buy a phone from us it comes with a Tello GSM SIM so no need to buy a new one.
  • Your phone will still work on Tello if it's a GSM VoLTE compatible device. A big chunk of our customer base already have devices that will be compatible with the new GSM network. You can easily check if your phone is compatible by entering your phone's IMEI code here.
  • You need to have a GSM SIM card in order to access the Tello network, to be able to place, receive calls & texts. The GSM SIM needs to be placed in the slot of your GSM device. You can purchase a GSM SIM card directly from us.

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