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How can I use my Tello Dollars?

Your Tello Dollars can be used to make a purchase (Plan, Pay As You Go credit, or a Phone) once the amount of Tello Dollars is enough to pay for the entire invoice. No partial payments are allowed at the moment.
Therefore, only if you have enough Tello Dollars to cover the full cost of the purchase you wish to make, once you are on the "Checkout" page, under "Payment Methods" you will have 3 available options to pay with:
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Paypal Account
  • Tello Dollars
You then choose the "Tello Dollars" option and proceed with the payment.
Please note:
  • the total amount of the order (the full cost) can not exceed the amount of your Tello Dollars, as we do not accept partial payments. If that is the case the "Tello Dollars" option will not be available in your account.
  • you can not create a new line on Tello.com using Tello Dollars as a payment method.

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