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What kind of devices will work with Tello?

The Tello service can be used on unlocked & compatible smartphones and tablets.

iPads & Tablets
As long as the tablet is unlocked, VoLTE-capable and meets Tello's compatibility requirements, then the Tello service will work on your tablet.
Just bear in mind that if you want to use your tablet for calls, you will need a VoLTE (voice over LTE) app and a pair of headphones.
Calls and text messages from your tablet will be over a data connection or Wi-Fi, instead of our cellular network.
You may also have the option of setting up Wi-Fi Calling & Text on your tablet depending on the make & model of tablet.
The "My Tello" app can also be used on your tablet but remember that it is for making calls only - you cannot receive calls or send or receive text messages via this app.

At the moment, Apple Watches will not work with the Tello eSIM.
However, various other eSIM-compatible Smartwatches will work great with the Tello eSIM, for example, compatible Samsung Smartwatches.

Modems & Routers
Tello does not support the use of MiFi, netgear, modems or router devices.

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