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What kind of SIM is required to use the Tello service?

Only a Tello GSM SIM will work on the Tello GSM service.
SIMs from other providers - even other GSM providers - will not work on Tello.
SIMs from Tello that you received before February 2021 (CDMA SIMs) will not work on the Tello GSM service.

There are 2 ways to purchase a Tello GSM SIM.
  • Go to our Bring Your Own Phone page, enter your IMEI, and follow the prompts.
  • Purchase a Tello SIM Kit from Amazon (when in stock)
When you purchase a Tello GSM SIM, you receive a 3-in-1 SIM card that includes mini (2FF), micro (3FF), and nano (4FF) sizes to fit any type of compatible phone.
You receive 1 SIM card and that 1 SIM card contains the three different sized punch-out SIM options.

If you already have Tello GSM service, then you can use that same Tello GSM SIM card on any other compatible and unlocked device.
For example, when you want to change your phone, just insert your current active Tello GSM SIM into the new compatible and unlocked phone, restart the device and you should get Tello GSM service on your new device within 20 minutes.

If you buy a phone from us it comes with a free Tello GSM SIM included so no need to buy a new one.

A Tello GSM SIM for a new account or line needs to be activated in your Tello online account within 30 days from the purchase date. If not, it will automatically expire.
A Tello GSM SIM has 2 years from the purchase date before it will expire as does a Tello GSM SIM purchased from Amazon.
The SIM automatically becomes obsolete once the phone number it is activated with expires. After that it cannot be reused.

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