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How can I order a replacement Tello SIM card for an existing line?

To purchase a replacement Tello SIM card for the device already active on Tello, go to the "My SIM" page of your online account.
Scroll down until you see a section called "My SIM".
Click "Buy Tello SIM". and you will land on the Checkout Page.
Check that the pre-filled fields on the Checkout Page are correct, complete any required fields, and click on the green "Finalize Order" button at the bottom.

Important Shipping Information
Where applicable, you MUST include your Apt Number, Suite Number, or Unit Number in the "Address" field in the "Shipping Information" section.
Otherwise, your package may be severely delayed or may not be delivered at all.
Click the "Use my address" option to edit or change the current shipping address displayed.

Security PIN
On the checkout page, you may be asked for your Tello Security PIN to complete the order process.
This is an important step in ensuring your account remains secure.

If you can't recall or can't find the Security PIN then go to the Reset Security PIN page of your online account (not the "My Tello" App).
  • Check the phone number to which the reset code will be sent, as an SMS.
  • Click the blue "Request Reset Code" button.
  • You should then receive the reset code on your phone via SMS.

You must have the SMS services "ON" for this action.
When the new Tello SIM card arrives, activate it in your online account, insert the SIM into your phone & start using the service on the new Tello network.

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