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What happens if I don't have enough to cover my next plan renewal?

Automatic renewal will occur anytime between 5 AM EST and 11 AM EST on the day stated in your online account.
If the payment method you have saved has expired, reached its limit, or it has been suspended by the issuer, then the renewal will fail.

You need to then register a new valid payment method or contact the issue to reactivate the existing payment method.
We will try to process the renewal again within the following 24 hours and if the payment can not be processed successfully, your plan will be suspended.
To reactivate a suspended plan, you simply log in to your online account and purchase a new plan.

We can not defer billing or delay plan renewals because it's an automatic process so please ensure your payment method is up to date.
No balances are rolled over from suspended plans and those balances are not refundable.

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