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When will my order be delivered?

The delivery time of the package depends on what time of day the order was processed, the shipping option you selected, and if a complete & correct shipping address was entered.
  • If you chose USPS First-Class Mail, then you can expect delivery to take 4 to 10 transit days. Normally it takes just 3 to 5 transit days, but it can take up to 10.
  • If you chose USPS Priority Mail, then you can expect delivery to take up to 3 transit days.
  • If you chose FedEx Standard Overnight, then you can expect delivery to take 2 transit days. For example, if you place the order on Monday, you should receive it on Wednesday.
Please note that the day when the order was placed is not considered a transit day.

Where applicable, you MUST include your Apt Number, Suite Number, or Unit Number in the shipping address you provide.
Otherwise, your package may be severely delayed or may not be delivered at all.

With any delivery option, further delays may occur due to such things as national holidays, weather conditions, your location, transportation issues, or shopping holiday backlogs (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, etc).
If you still did not receive your package 2 days after the latest timeframes outlined above, then please email our support team with the order number so we can provide a solution.
Once the order status shows "Successful" or "Shipped", you can then track the delivery progress from your Dashboard.
Click on the tracking code provided to get the latest USPS/FedEx delivery status. USPS/FedEx may also add some important information there which may affect the delivery time so ensure you read that also.

Your billing cycle only starts from the time you receive & activate the package in your online account.

Also see Why does my order say "Preparing Your Package"? and Why is my order status "pending"?.

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