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Can I set the caller ID name to one of my choosing?

No. Unfortunately, there is no option to use a personal name, company name or a nickname as your displayed caller ID name (CNAM).
Whenever you call a landline the caller ID name displayed will be "wireless caller".
If by chance the phone number that Tello issued to you is displaying a pre-existing and incorrect caller ID name, simply email our Customer Support team with the following information to get this rectified:
  • Tello Phone Number affected
  • Current Display Name
  • Any Phone number where this incorrect name has appeared
We will erase that incorrect name and it will then default to display "wireless caller" instead.
Obviously, if your number & name is already saved in the "Contacts" on the cell phone you are calling, your name will be displayed on that phone regardless of the caller ID name with Tello.
Many numbers that are ported into Tello with the CNAM already set up before initiating the porting process, end up successfully bringing the CNAM with them on completion of the porting process, but it’s not something we can guarantee will happen every time.

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