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How can I change my phone number?

As a one-time exception, we can change your phone number.

However, please be advised that if your request is due to receiving spam calls or messages, changing numbers may not solve the problem.
Spam marketing is done by a robo dialler that makes callouts without bias and so changing numbers does not prevent this.
For spam calls & messages, it is recommended that you download a free call blocker App which are able to block robocalls & messages.

If you find that another caller name is still displaying from your Tello phone number, there is no need for a number change.
Simply email our support team with the following information to get this rectified:
  • Tello Phone Number affected
  • Current Display Name
  • Any Phone number where this incorrect name has appeared

If you do choose to requests a new number, please be advised that we are not able to give you a specific number or request a specific area code.
We can only assign you a number based on your address, but the number will be randomly assigned and will have an area code related to the address provided.

To initiate this you need to email us with the following information:
  • The reason why you would like your phone number to be changed.
  • The phone number you want to replace (especially important for multiple-line accounts).
  • Your full address.
  • State the preferred area code related to your address.
Note: Keep in mind that a specific area code might not be available.

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