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I just placed my 1st order. What is my Tello phone number?

Your new Tello phone number will be auto-allocated based on the zip code entered & area code availability.
There is no way to control the exact prefix assigned, but the prefix will be from the area code you register.
You are free to either use the new Tello number allocated or port in your own number.

Bring Your Own SIM
If you brought your own Tello SIM & Phone and your order is Successful, then you can see your new Tello phone number right now on your Dashboard.

Purchased Tello SIM
If you purchased a Tello SIM from this website, then as soon as you receive and activate that SIM in your online account, the new Tello phone number will be visible on your Dashboard.

Keep Your Own Phone Number
Every SIM activation for a new line generates a new Tello phone number, whether you wish to replace that new number with your own number or not.
You can bring your own phone number (to replace that Tello phone number) as soon as you have activated the SIM.

After you have successfully activated the SIM in your online account, you can port in your own number to Tello by submitting a port-in.
The port-in option will only become available & visible after a successful SIM activation and it can only be done from your online account.

Change The Caller Name
If you use the Tello phone number allocated but find that another caller name is still displaying from it, simply email our support team with the following information to get this rectified:
  • Tello Phone Number affected
  • Current Display Name
  • Any Phone number where this incorrect name has appeared.

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