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How can I update my payment method?

To update your payment method please follow these simple steps:

1. Firstly, register a new card.
Go to the Payments tab of your online account
  • Under the "Payment Methods" section, click the "Add New Card" button
  • Enter the new card details and click "Save"

2. Secondly, save that new card for your subscription.
  • Go to the "Subscription Payment Options" section on the same page.
  • Your new card now appears in the drop-down under the "Billed From" field.
  • Simply select that new payment method you wish to be charged from.
  • Click "Save".

You can now delete the old payment method from your account.

In order to save a PayPal account, you need to first place a successful order using PayPal and ensure you save it in the checkout process.
You will then see that the PayPal option appears as a payment option under the "Billed From" field.
You will not be able to save a PayPal account as a payment method until a successful order has been placed with it first.

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