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Why did my plan not renew automatically as I expected?

If your plan or Pay As You Go did not renew automatically on the due date it means that the payment method you chose (card or PayPal) has declined the charges and so we were unable to process the payment.

The most common reasons for declining charges include:
  1. You received a new/updated card recently or your current card expired.
  2. The card or PayPal account has insufficient credit to accept the charge.
  3. Your financial institution has placed a temporary restriction on your payment method (and refuses to authorize the requested amount) until they can speak directly with you to verify activity on your account.
To resolve this, simply call the number at the back of your card and the card-issuing bank can confirm the reason for the decline and lift the restriction on your account so that you can place a new order.
Then go to the Payment section of your online account to ensure that a valid payment method is saved for your subscription.
We will try to charge the saved payment method again within the following 24 hours and if the payment can not be processed successfully, your plan will be suspended.
To reactivate a suspended plan, you need to log in to your online account and purchase a new plan.

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