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How does Pay As You Go work?

Pay As You Go is prepaid credit for your national and international calls, texts, and data at affordable rates.
Open a free account, buy credit, bring your own phone or buy one from us and you're ready to go.

You can use data from your PAYG balance as long as you have balance available and Pay As You Go data is turned ON in your online account.
Once your Pay As You Go balance goes below $0.50, your data is disabled and you won't have Hotspot capability.
Unlimited data only applies to active data plans, not to Pay As You Go.

Pay As You Go expiry period
  • If there is no active plan per line, Pay As You Go balance expires 3 months after purchase. Once the Pay As You Go credit expires, the Tello service will be disconnected and your number will be deleted permanently.
  • If there is an active plan, the Pay As You Go credit remains valid for as long as the plan is active.

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