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Will unused service carry over to the next month?

Unused service from your Tello plan will not carry over into your next month.
Any unused minutes or data will be lost after 30 days, when your plan is automatically renewed.
Once your plan is renewed automatically, your plan starts again with the fixed monthly allowance of minutes & data.

There is one exception:
Unused service WILL roll over ONLY if you manually renew or change your plan at least 24 hours before the end of your current billing cycle and ONLY if the new plan contains all the services that you previously had.
For example, the minutes & data of your current plan will roll over if the new plan has minutes & data.
However, if you decide to buy data only, the minutes will not roll over.

Also note that if the automatic plan renewal fails because your payment method could not be charged or because you forgot to set up the 48-hour notification, then no balance will be rolled over and those balances are not refundable.

Manually changing or renewing a plan can only be done by customers from their online accounts.
Our Customer Support team will not add back balances to your account if you forgot to manually renew/change your plan or the 48-hour notification failed or your billing failed.

Early renewal and changing of your plan may also void any promotion or plan discount that you initially started with.

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