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What's included in my Tello plan?

International Calling
All Tello plans (except for data-only plans) include calls to more than 60 countries as well as the US... at no extra cost! So, for example, if you make a 20-minute call to Canada, that 20 minutes come out of your monthly minutes' balance. Overseas freephone numbers may not be available.

5G is available to anyone with a Tello plan, a 5G-capable phone and located in an area that provides 5G coverage (see our Coverage map). Your service will switch seamlessly between 5G and 4G/LTE, whichever signal is stronger.

Our plans also include the mobile Hotspot feature at no extra charge. The data you use via Hotspot just pulls from your monthly Data balance. All you need is a Hotspot-capable phone.
When your data plan balance runs out and your Pay As You Go balance falls below $0.50, hotspot is automatically disabled.
When using the Unlimited Data plan, you have 5 GB of hotspot included.
Travel Options
We have 2 great options for calling and texting when you are traveling abroad or simply in an area of poor coverage at home:
  • Wi-Fi Calling & Text -- This is a feature available on the vast majority of Tello-compatible phones and you can check your phone settings to confirm. It allows for calling & texting via the closest available Wi-Fi network which could be at a hotel, your office, at home, or even a Wi-Fi Hotspot. For more details check out our blog.
  • "My Tello" App --You also have the option of using our free "My Tello" app to make calls through Wi-Fi. You can not receive calls via the App and texting is also not available via the App - this can only be used to make calls. The "My Tello" app is a free download for iOS and Android users.

3-Way Calling
3-Way calling is available and allows you to add a third party to a call so that all three parties may talk to each other simultaneously.

Visual Voicemail
Visual Voicemail is only available for Android users on our network at the moment. If your Android phone does not natively support Visual Voicemail, you can download and use a third-party app available in Google Play Store.

Toll-Free Calls
Calls to all Toll-Free Numbers in the USA are charged from your voice balance as normal.

Shortcodes and 2-factor authentication messages can be received on your Tello line.

Tello does not provide a 411 directory assistance service.

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